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Why Choose William Douglas Property Management

The professionals at William Douglas Property Management have been providing the highest standards of Community and Commercial Association Management services since 1980.   WM Douglas takes pride in the experience and professionalism of its Charlotte Property Management Services.  From contracting for maintenance and repairs to developing procedures, sending notices, and keeping records of legal documents, WM Douglas remains perpetually on top of the game.


  • Affordable & Cost Effective Association Solution
  • Experienced – Serving the Carolinas Since 1980
  • Reliable & Responsive to Info and Maintenance Requests
  • Complete & Accurate Financial Reports
  • Experts in Association Management


William Douglas Property Management is a reliable partner who understands your needs, knows how to get things done, anticipates issues and concerns, and who has a track record of finding reliable solutions.  On top of that…we’re affordable and ready to help your Association


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What People Are Saying...
“……..I am at the end of my term as President of our association and I thought I might pass on some thoughts which might be of interest to you.  For the past two years I have worked very closely with your property manager.  She was always a wonderfully knowledgeable source of information in areas unfamiliar to most laymen.  She has patiently and tactfully guided us through many potential pitfalls…..I spent many years in management positions and appreciate full well the value of competent personnel and you have one here.  I desire that this letter me made part of her personnel file…”

Robert B, President of Association